Sandra Davis - Lea Redmond - Anna Villalobos


Sandra, Lea and Anna have worked for nearly two years developing Oeste’s business concept, all while working day jobs and meeting family obligations.  They meet weekly to develop ideas, establish goals, assign tasks and learn what it means to be a success.  Outside of the business, they continue to grow their friendships and commitment to one another.



Anna Villalobos

Co-Owner & General Manager

Anna is a third generation resident of Oakland and a graduate of UC Santa Cruz.  She has over 25 years of experience in the construction field, as an Owner, Sales Estimator and Project Manager. She is a Co-Owner of Miss Ollie’s restaurant in Oakland. Anna will oversee Oeste operations.

Lea Redmond


Lea is a Bay Area native with degrees from UC Berkeley and Stanford. After completing her undergraduate degree, Lea worked in restaurants in the Bay Area and in Maui. For the last decade, she worked in People Operations at a variety of tech companies and start-ups, including Apple and Facebook.  Lea will work with Anna on Oeste Operations, with a focus on cafe Oeste.

Sandra Davis


Sandra has lived and worked in Oakland for over 27 years and is a graduate of Evergreen College in Washington State. She has trained and worked as a community organizer and is currently a Program Manager for the largest health foundation in California where she is responsible for implementing the foundation's grantmaking program in Oakland. Sandra will focus on community involvement and outreach for Oeste.